Time Guards: Göbeklitepe

Logic Artists

Time Guards is a 2.5D mobile game developed in Unity for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It is an action adventure game and consists of two game modes. One is a point-and-click exploration game mode where the player must solve “environmental” puzzles such as collecting energy orbs and placing them at certain places or moving gears around until they can open a door. The other game mode is an run and jump game with procedurally generated levels where the player must jump across ledges and bounce off walls to reach higher places, and shoot enemies without being hit. At the end of each of the game worlds, there is a boss battle where the player runs back and forth, trying to dodge the attacks of the juggernaut bosses, while shooting at the exposed parts of the juggernauts until they are destroyed.

My responsibilites were:

  • General gameplay programming, such as creating systems for moving the player around the levels (walking, climbing ladders, jumping to ledges) and interacting with the environment (moving boards to cover gaps, pulling levers to open doors, creating trains of moving gears)
  • Creating mini-games (a simplified Towers of Hanoi game)
  • Creating editor tools in Unity for snapping assets and for designing components for the level designer
  • Procedurally generate levels for the running part of the game by combining pre-made level chunks and making sure that the levels were playable, and generating backgrounds that fit with the level layout
  • Implementing animations provided by the animator on the player characters and enemies
  • Creating a state-machine based AI for the juggernaut bosses

The game was scheduled to be released in 2016.


Video courtesy of Jonas C. Jeppesen